​The Tripartite Committee (TriCom) on Work-Life Strategy seeks to promote Flexible Work A​rrangements (FWAs) as a progressive employment practice in Singapore. To achieve this, the TriCom has formulated this advisory to help employers, supervisors and employees navigate the journey to implement FWAs sustainably in Singapore.

Focus Areas of the Advisory
For Employers
  • Outlines steps for employers to consider when implementing flexible work arrangements
For Employees
  • Provides pointers to consider when (i) requesting FWAs, and (ii) using FWAs
For Supervisors
  • Provides pointers to consider when (i) evaluating FWA requests, and (ii) managing employees using FWAs

Steps for Employers to Consider When Implementing FWAs

Pointers for Employees to Consider
When requesting FWAs…
  • Assess your suitability for FWAs
  • Consider your impact on employers, supervisors and co-workers
  • Pro-actively engage supervisors in open discussions on your FWA needs
When using FWAs…
  • Use FWAs responsibly
  • Adjust your work arrangements to meet work exigencies
  • Be mindful of business confidentiality and work safety policies when working remotely

Pointers for Supervisors to Consider
When considering FWA requests…
  • Be familiar with organisation's policies and procedures on FWAs
  • Consider requests objectively and respond promptly
  • Clearly communicate expectations upfront
  • If unsure, consider starting off with a trial
When managing employees on FWAs…
  • Manage and appraise fairly based on work outcomes instead of 'face-time'
  • Regularly check-in with employees on FWAs on their work and performance matters
Click here to download the "Tripartite Advisory on Flexible Work Arrangements". ​