The Tripartite Standards is a new tripartite initiative which helps organisations with good practices differentiate​ themselves. It complements our laws, Tripartite Guidelines and Advisories to increase the adoption of fair and progressive workplaces practices in Singapore.​

Each Tripartite Standard comprises a set of verifiable, actionable employment practices across different functional areas (e.g. flexible work arrangements, recruitment practices etc.) which progressive employers adopt. Each of these has been approved and issued by the tripartite partners​

Organisations that have adopted the Tripartite Standards can use the relevant Tripartite Standards logomarks in their job advertisements and marketing collaterals, and their names will be listed on "Organisations ​That Have Adopted The Tripartite Standards" page.



Purpose of ​Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs)

1. FWAs contribute to a supportive and conducive work environment. They benefit both employers and employees:

a) Employers can better attract and retain employees, including back-to-work individuals, and become more nimble in manpower deployment.

b) Employees can become more productive and achieve good work and personal outcomes.​​


2. A member of the senior management is appointed to champion FWAs.

3. Employers offer FWAs to employees.

4. Employees can request for FWAs offered by the company. They are informed about the types of FWAs offered, the process to request for them, and the expectations on the responsible use of FWAs (e.g. in company’s staff website, HR policy, circular or memo).

5. Outcomes of FWA applications are communicated to the employees in a timely manner and are documented. If a request for FWA cannot be granted, supervisors engage employees on the reasons and where possible, discuss suitable alternatives that better meet the needs of both employer and employee.

6. Supervisors are trained to:

a) Objectively evaluate employees’ applications for FWA based on the suitability of the FWA, considering the needs of the job and the employees in areas such as work performance, job requirements, compensation and safety; and

b) Set work expectations, manage and appraise employees on FWAs fairly based on work outcomes.

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