Employee Support Schemes

Family Day

Bring Children to Work Day

Childcare Arrangements

Childcare Subsidies

Counselling Services/Hotline for Employee Assistance

Eldercare Arrangements

Eldercare Subsidies

Flexible Lunch Time

Lunch Time Swap

Family Information and Referral Service

Family Room

Lactation Support

Staff Lounge/Recreation Area/Clubhouse

Health and Wellness Programme

Health Screening

Family Relocation Programme

Medical and Insurance Coverage for Family



Financial Assistance

Concierge Service

Dry-cleaning Services

Employee Benefits and Discounts

Takeaway Food Services

On-Site Childcare Centres

Family Childcare Network

Gifts for New-born Baby

Gifts for Marriage

Gifts for Hospitalisation

Flexible Benefits

Social Activities for Singles

Talks and Workshops on Work-Life Harmony

Work-Life Training for Middle Managers

Work-Life Conference/Forum for Employers

Family Life Ambassador Programme

Subsidy for Gym Membership

Corporate Gym Membership

Corporate Membership for Recreational Activities & Attractions

Cross-Functional Work-Life Committee

Eat With Your Family Day

Fruits Day

Team/Company Celebrations

Leaving Early from Work

Staff Support

Holiday Subsidies/Accommodation

Transport Assistance