Personal Work-Life Effectiveness


​​There is no single formula to achieving work-life effectiveness. It is dynamic and ever-changing, depending on factors such as our life stages and current circumstances. The key lies in knowing our values and priorities at different life stages, our strengths and weaknesses,​​ the support from family and friends, the resources and options available at the workplace and within the community, and the trade-offs of various work-life options to make informed decisions.


Personal Work-Life Effectiveness Resources

ExPert ​Tips​

Resource Guides

  • Click here to learn how you can harmonise your work-life with your personal and family life.
  • Click here to learn how you can develop a healthy work-life culture in your own organisation.

Self-assessment Tools

  • Research shows that different people have different preferred styles of managing work and personal demands. Find out which style you are here.
  • Do you want a quick but impactful way to gain control of your work-life? Take the Life Buckets Assessment here to find out if you are focusing on things that really matter.
  • How balanced are you? Find out by taking the quiz here.

  • ​​​​The way a couple coordinates work and life has a bearing on the level of well-being. Take part in this quick assessment here and discuss with your spouse/partner the best work-life combination for you.

These resources first appeared on​ the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) ​website.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​