Helen Accessories

​​​With multiple stores operating long hours daily, Helen Accessories’ work-life strategy has successfully retained quality employees while keeping sales revenue up in the highly competitive retail sector.

Facts in a Flash

Industry Industry: Wholesale & Retail Trade

Employment size Employment size: Above 70

Employment profile Employment profile: Retail staff (mostly women with children), managers and supervisors

Employment profile Featured work-life programmes:

Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Staggered time
  • Part-time work
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Utilising Flexible Work Arrangements

Helen Accessories utilises flexible work arrangements (FWAs) as it makes business sense and allows management to show concern for its employees’ personal responsibilities and retain them in a tight labour market.

Towards this end, the management tries to deploy employees to the outlet closest to their residence for their convenience. Employees are also consulted on the shifts that best suit them and the roster is regularly reviewed to accommodate possible changes to their needs.

Maintaining the Quality of Staff and Keeping Sales Revenue Up

Each outlet is managed by a supervisor, whom management entrusts with the deployment of their staff, decisions to hire casual staff during crunch periods, and customer service recoveries, as they believe that they best understand the business needs, their customers and their staff.

Supervisors are measured objectively by key performance indicators on sales. Sales staff are also given incentives based on their outlet (or group) sales performance to promote teamwork and build trust.

FWAs Help in Staff Retention

Helen Accessories has enjoyed the benefits of their work-life strategies. Many employees who started as part-timers have converted to full-time positions as they know that management cares for their welfare. This has also resulted in a relatively low attrition rate, commendable in an industry with high turnover, with a third of their workforce having a tenure of at least 5 years.

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