Network Express Courier Services

​At Network Courier, human capital is a vital component for organisational growth and excellence. The organisation was able to attract and retain quality talent in a competitive industry by implementing a comprehensive work-life plan to empower employees to better manage their personal priorities without comprising efficiency and productivity at work. Network Courier’s system for reviewing employee requests for flexible work arrangements was a critical success factor in their work-life plan.

Facts in a Flash

Industry Industry: Transportation & Storage

Employment size Employment size: Above 80

Employment profile Employment profile: Despatch delivery crew, operations and administrative staff

Employment profile Featured work-life programmes:

Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Compressed work schedules
  • Flexi-hours (staggered time)
  • Job sharing
Employee Support Schemes
  • Work-life committee
  • Family cum education room (enables employees’ children to accompany them to the office on Saturdays)
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Network Courier’s Work-Life Strategy

The management believes that work-life programmes are most effective when they are employee-driven. For this reason, Network Courier welcomes suggestions on work-life practices and policies from their staff.

One critical element in the company’s work-life success is its system for reviewing employee requests for flexible work arrangements (FWAs). Network Courier established a work-life committee chaired by the managing director for this purpose. Each application is assessed based on a predetermined framework, allowing the organisation to reach an effective work-life solution that meets employees’ needs without compromising efficiency and productivity at work.

Network Courier also embarked on job redesign as a productivity measure which has complemented its existing work-life programmes.

Employees now spend more time on meaningful tasks, increasing their engagement at work while freeing up time for family and personal interests. Productivity has increased significantly, while employee workload and overtime has lessened.

It conducts regular dialogue sessions with respective department managers, supervisors and staff to engage employees. When FWAs were first introduced, the management actively engaged the various heads of departments in reviewing fundamental work processes and key performance indicators for each department.

Promising Outcomes

The company has enjoyed tangible benefits from work-life programmes, such as a healthy retention rate, improved employee engagement and loyalty to the organisation and increased productivity.

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