Public Utilities Board

​​Recognising the challenges associated with Singapore’s labour shortage, ageing population and declining birth rate, PUB introduced measures to better capitalise the capabilities of its mature workforce. The organisation has successfully engaged and retained its employees through a systematic approach in its work-life and staff well-being initiatives.

Facts in a Flash

Industry Industry: Public Service

Employment size Employment size: Above 3,000

Employment profile Employment profile: Professional, technical and administrative staff; large proportion of staff are above age of 50

Employment profile Featured work-life programmes:

Employee Support Schemes
  • Recreational club
  • Health and fitness intervention programmes
  • Health screening
  • Flexible benefits
  • Activity hour (one hour time-off every Friday)
  • Tripartite insurance scheme
  • Family day, inter-department games, etc.
  • Counselling services
  • Transition Training Programme, Education Upgrading Programme (skills training and education upgrading for older employees)
  • Monetary subsidies for coaching fees/rental of sports facilities
  • Fitness centres located at major installations where PUB officers are stationed
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Success Factors

1. Organisational Work-Life Strategy

The Public Utilities Board (PUB)​ has a comprehensive array of work-life programmes for all age groups to cater to the various needs and concerns. A Staff Well-Being Committee, led by a senior management team, was set up to help employees lead a healthy lifestyle through various health programmes and activities. In addition, PUB has an integrated staff well-being framework, grouped into four strategic thrusts – social, physical, economic and mental well-being. The framework includes key drivers and stakeholders to ensure success in its work-life programmes.

2. Targeted Work-life Programmes for Older Employees

PUB uses three key approaches – re-employment, life-long learning and staff well-being to better capitalise the capabilities of the mature workforce.

The Transition Training Programme is one of the many training initiatives offered by PUB which aims to better prepare its older employees for employability and/or retirement well before they reach the compulsory retirement age. It covers topics such as change management, managing one’s finances and health.

PUB also has various schemes and programmes to facilitate lifelong learning amongst staff, such as the Education Upgrading Programme which allows employees to upgrade themselves through certificate and diploma programmes and various sponsorship schemes. Equipping their employees with the right qualifications gives them the opportunity to expand their job scopes, stay relevant and employable.

In addition, to prepare its employees for retirement/re-employment, PUB interviews them to discuss their future roles and expectations a year prior to their retirement.

Promising Outcomes

PUB’s work-life strategy has reaped rewards and its various accolades earned are a testimony of the management’s faith and trust in its work-life programmes. High employee engagement scores have also shown that employees are happy with the work-life harmony that PUB offers.

To remain as an employer of choice, PUB has committed to remain sensitive to the changing needs of its workforce and continue investing in work-life programmes.

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This case study was first published on the former Employer Alliance website.​