Public Service Division

​PSD believes that facilitating work-life outcomes for their public officers will enable them to be more productive as they strive towards securing a brighter future for Singapore. With the development of a comprehensive work-life framework and the efforts of the network of Work-Life Ambassadors and Advocates, PSD has successfully created a work-life friendly environment.

Facts in a Flash

Industry Industry: Public Service

Employment size Employment size: Above 300

Employment profile Employment profile: Professionals; administrative, IT staff

Employment profile Featured work-life programmes:

Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Flexi-hours (staggered time)
  • Part-time work
  • Telecommuting
Employee Support Schemes
  • Work-life training for middle managers
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A Guiding Hand

As the central people agency for the Public Service, Public Service Division (PSD) believes that fostering a conducive work climate for public officers will result in an engaged and productive workforce.

Cultivating a Work-Life Friendly Culture

To achieve this, PSD set up a Work-Life Unit to create a work environment where the employee, supervisor and employer are committed to discuss and address each other’s work and personal needs.

To guide agencies, PSD also developed a Work-Life Framework to articulate the Public Service’s vision for a healthy, resilient and well-rounded workforce. The framework is premised on the belief that work-life harmony is a holistic goal that encompasses four key areas in an individual’s life – Self, Family and Friends, Community and Work.

While PSD sets the broad direction for agencies at the whole-of-government level, agencies have the autonomy to tailor work-life interventions and programmes which suit the context of their business and operating environments.

An important success factor in achieving work-life excellence in the Public Service is the network of Work-Life Advocates and Ambassadors from every public agency. Advocates champion work-life programmes in the organisation, while Ambassadors play a key role in changing the mindsets of management and managers to exercise flexibility at the workplace and implement work-life policies and strategies.

PSD also provides training and support for supervisors/managers to further bolster work-life efforts at its agencies.

Promising Outcomes

PSD’s multi-pronged initiatives have contributed towards a supportive work environment for public officers, enabling them to be effective and committed to the demands of their personal and work lives.

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