Premier Law LLC

​​​​Premier Law considers its small employment size an advantage in exercising greater flexibility towards its employees’ work-life needs. With strong support from management in enabling staff to fulfill both their personal and career goals, this has helped to foster an attitude of trust and openness in the firm and resulted in an efficient and driven team of employees.

Facts in a Flash

Industry Industry: Professional, Scientific & Technical Activities

Employment size Employment size: Above 10

Employment profile Employment profile: Legal professionals and administrative staff

Employment profile Featured work-life programmes:

Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Telecommuting
  • Part-time work
Leave Benefits
  • Unrecorded time off for family/personal matters
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Business Case

In today’s competitive hiring climate, Premier Law LLC (Premier Law) believes that its greatest asset is an efficient and driven team of employees. Employee satisfaction is a key priority as a happy employee is more motivated to give their best at work. The management understands the value of offering a healthy work-life environment as an edge in talent management.

Success Factors

1. Organisational Leadership Strategies

Premier Law’s positive trust culture forms the backbone of the healthy work environment and the management takes the lead in preserving this culture. The management’s genuine desire to meet employees’ needs is evident as they exercise great flexibility in allowing staff to advance in their careers without sacrificing personal goals.

2. Organisational Work-life Strategy

The trust culture at Premier Law is borne out of mutual respect between management and employees. The management respects all staff as mature adults and operates on an honour system where employees can informally tap on flexible work arrangements on a needs basis. The employees appreciate the trust placed in them and have not abused the system. They reciprocate by displaying a high level of loyalty towards the organisation, resulting in Premier Law experiencing a low attrition rate.

3. Information Management Strategies

Premier Law maintains an open door policy, allowing staff easy access to discuss their work-life needs and work out feasible solutions with their bosses. This highly responsive attitude and commitment has fostered trust and openness in the firm.

Promising Outcomes

Premier Law’s decision to intentionally foster a strong culture of trust and offering flexibility in implementing work-life options has clearly reaped rewards for the firm. Creating a conducive environment for flexible working arrangements has allowed Premier Law to retain and attract experienced and capable employees.

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This case study was first published on the former Employer Alliance website.​​​