Coherent Singapore Private Limited

​​​​​​​​At Coherent Singapore, people are viewed as the organisation's most important asset. For this reason, Coherent focuses on employee engagement and ret​ention and has embarked on a comprehensive work-life strategy to empower employees to achieve their best, in and out of the office.

Facts in a Flash

Industry Industry: Manufacturing

Employment size Employment size: Above 100

Employment profile Employment profile: Engineers, technicians, corporate and administrative professionals; predominantly Gen X-ers

Employment profile Featured work-life programmes:

Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Staggered time
  • Telecommuting (ad-hoc flexibility when employees need to work from home or require time-off)
Leave Schemes
  • Unrecorded time off for family/personal matters
Employee Support Schemes
  • Employment Assistance Programme (information centre on health and personal well-being)
  • Enhanced Flexi Health & Awareness Programme (health talks, health screenings, chiropractic sessions and dental treatments)
  • Teambuilding activities; Company celebrations; Interest groups
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Business Case

Coherent Singapore Private Limited (Coherent)'s comprehensive work-life strategy focuses on engaging and retaining talent, as people are viewed as the organisation's most important asset. Their work-life strategy aims to empower employees to effectively manage their careers and personal lives.

Success Factors

1. Organisational Leadership Strategies

The management believes that a strong trust culture is vital to the success of Coherent's overall work-life strategy - when the leadership and middle managers trust employees to deliver results, staff reciprocate by being efficient and managing their time responsibly. The management team drives the company's work-life strategy and is responsible for implementing work-life programmes across all levels of the organisation.

2. Organisational Work-life Strategy

Coherent recognises that it is a business imperative to empower and support employees with work-life programmes that enable them to be efficient and productive at the workplace. Shared core values underpin the organisation's work culture and are used to shape its pro work-life environment. Coherent's employment philosophy can also be summed up in their '10Cs of Work-Life Integration'; elements include "Culture" and "Change management".

3. Information Management Strategies

Regular face-to-face meetings at various levels of the company are organised to facilitate communication and updates on work-life strategies and programmes. Along with the annual employee survey, these create invaluable opportunities for leaders to interact, understand and address employees’ work-life needs, gauge the effectiveness of current work-life programmes, and find ways to fine-tune the work-life programmes.

The management also offers cross-training to facilitate greater flexibility within the organisation and ensures that it remains operationally ready even while employees are on various flexibility programmes.

4. Performance Management Strategies

Coherent adopts a clear, systematic performance management framework, where expectations are clearly stated and measurable target outcomes set for each employee. The organisation’s objectives and key goals for the year are set by the leadership team and cascaded throughout the departments via the Heads of Department.

An annual performance review is conducted with each staff where formal feedback on work performance is given and new targets set for the coming year. This framework also allows the senior management and HR to identify high performers, training opportunities and carry out succession planning.

Promising Outcomes

Coherent’s effective work-life culture has made a positive and tangible impact on its business. It has seen increased motivation amongst employees as they feel valued and empowered to achieve their best at work. Through consistent communication of the importance of work-life harmony and implementing effective measures, Coherent has shown that a strong work-life culture can positively impact business results.

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​​This case study was first published on the former Employer Alliance website.​​