Avanade Singapore

​​​A good communication strategy is a key success factor in implementing work-life programmes. This was a very important part of Avanade’s implementation process along with a thorough review of policies, resulting in a work-life friendly environment that has benefited both the organisation and employees.

Facts in a Flash

Industry Industry: Information & Communications

Employment size Employment size: Above 100

Employment profile Employment profile: Consultants, IT professionals, sales personnel

Employment profile Featured work-life programmes:

Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Part-time work
  • Staggered time
  • Telecommuting
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Business Case

Avanade Singapore (Avanade) launched flexible work arrangements (FWAs) in recognition of its employees’ work-life needs. Flexible starting and ending times are ideal for Avanade as its consultants work on project sites and must be aligned with their clients’ timings. The telecommuting scheme arose in response to consultants who work on project basis and often have to be on-site at clients’ offices. Managers are provided guidelines to better manage employees on these FWAs and are empowered to make decisions based on seamless client-service delivery and the impact on the team.

Information Management & Performance Management Strategies

To ensure a successful implementation, a thorough review of policies was conducted and a communication strategy implemented. Clear guidelines were formulated for managers to work successfully with mobile and flexible teams. Senior management and managers jointly review the latter’s subordinates’ goals and work with the managers on their action plans and metrics. More attention was given to team members, goals and action plans.

Managers and project managers are encouraged to communicate with the leadership team on how they can further optimise the flexible work arrangements to support business needs.

New work-life programmes were also communicated and explained to all employees prior to the launch.

Promising Outcomes

Employees who have benefited from the work-life programmes expressed that they are more motivated and productive at work as they enjoy better work-life harmony. Avanade has successfully retained talent by implementing programmes that fit their employees’ needs.

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