HSL Constructor Pte Ltd

​HSL is a civil engineering and construction company, based in Singapore. The organisation has expanded quickly over the years, with subsidiaries in Southeast Asia. HSL focuses on building strong long-term relationships with its clients, stakeholders and employees, recognising this as the key to organisational success and longevity. As part of this effort, it has invested in a comprehensive work-life strategy to meet the needs of its diverse team.

Facts in a Flash

Industry Industry: Construction/Real Estate

Employment size Employment size: 1,300

Employment profile Employment profile:Corporate staff, quantity surveyors, mechanical engineers and civil engineers

Employment profile Featured work-life programmes:

Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Staggered time
  • Telecommuting
Employee Support Schemes
  • Children’s nursery
  • Family life talks and workshops
  • Health and wellness talks and workshops
  • In-house chef at office cafeteria
  • ‘Living the Values’ workshop (aims to help new hires integrate into work culture and understand how to have better work-life harmony)
  • Nursing rooms
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Business Case

As a fast-growing player in the construction industry, HSL Constructor (HSL) adopts work-life strategy as a means to mitigate the common stereotype of its jobs being ‘dirty, demanding and dangerous’, and hire and retain quality talent that will help to achieve organisational objectives. The organisation prioritises the physical and mental well-being of employees, in order to create a loyal and engaged workforce that will contribute to HSL’s growth.

Success Factors

1. Information Management Strategiess

HSL takes a consultative approach to communicating with various stakeholders, including the senior leadership, supervisors and employees. By keeping transparent and open communication lines, each stakeholder’s feedback and concerns are heard and addressed in a systematic manner. In the case of senior leadership, buy-in to the work-life strategy was achieved by implementing each work-life initiative in a structured manner to prevent misuse. Supervisors are also consulted prior to the introduction of a new work-life initiative, and advised on how to implement these for their teams. Employees are also given various avenues for feedback, so that work-life policies and programmes can be refined to better meet their needs.

The organisation also intentionally nurtures a work culture that is built on trust and mutual understanding, amongst HSL’s diverse workforce. This ensures that employees across the entire organisation support one another when work-life initiatives such as flexible work arrangements are utilised.

Promising Outcomes

HSL’s work-life strategy has been successful in providing a morale boost to the workforce. Employees are loyal and engaged, with a strong sense of purpose in their work. As a direct result of this, employee referrals have also increased, making HSL’s work-life plan an effective hiring strategy.

HSL has also received the Leading HR Practices Award 2016 in Employee Engagement & Workplace Harmony, from the Singapore Human Resources Institute, as well as the 2016 HR Excellence Award for Employee Work-Life Balance from the Human Resources Magazine.

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