City Developments Limited

City Developments Limited (CDL) is a Singapore-listed international real estate operating company, with a 400-strong team of employees in its local office.  Having a highly engaged and loyal team of employees has been integral to CDL realising its organisational vision of “Building Value for Tomorrow, Today”, by creating quality and innovative spaces and achieving sustained business growth.  In recognition of this, the company has adopted a three-pronged approach of developing, engaging and caring for its employees in order to build and maintain an engaged and effective team. 

Facts in a Flash

Industry Industry: Construction/Real Estate

Employment size Employment size: Above 400

Employment profile  Employment profile: ​Executives and Managers. Employees are mostly between 30-50 years old, and predominantly female.

Employment profile Featured work-life programmes:

Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Staggered Time
Employee Support Schemes
  • Eat with your Family Day (quarterly initiative)
  • Health and wellness initiatives
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Business Case

With an effective work-life strategy in place, CDL enables its employees to build engaging careers within the organisation and achieve personal growth, ultimately cultivating a loyal and nimble team that is willing to constantly adapt to changing client needs.

Success Factors

CDL adopts a ground-up approach to creating an effective and relevant work-life strategy. The Staff Connect committee, made up of 20 members representing all the departments within CDL, serve as employee representatives to provide feedback on work-life challenges and work closely with HR and management to help align work-life policies and initiatives with employees’ needs. Through Staff Connect, employees also gain a sense of ownership of the work-life initiatives in place.

At CDL, constant on-going communication between the Management and employees has been a key factor in building a strong trust culture across the organisation. Informal chats as well as formalised biennial employee surveys and quarterly CEO dialogue sessions with CDL CEO, Mr. Grant Kelley, provide employees with ample avenues to share their feedback and views on work-life matters.

Promising Outcomes

CDL has seen positive outcomes from its work-life strategy. The annual Corporate Health Survey results show that employee morale and engagement is at high levels and continuing to rise. When benchmarked against other organisations in Singapore, CDL’s Employee Engagement Index has consistently remained above the Singapore country norm since 2011, and senior management has found that this has helped CDL to attract new talent as well as retain current employees. With these successful outcomes, CDL has also been recognised on a national platform for the effectiveness of its work-life strategy and received various accolades.

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