Jumbo Group of Restaurants

​​​​​As an organisation which engages and relies on part-time workers, offering flexible working options has proven to be an effective recruitment strategy for Jumbo Group to hire the right quality and number of employees, despite the dwindling pool for restaurant workers. The long-term benefits, which include ease of hiring and a larger pool of talent to tap on, have outweighed the costs for the organisation, exemplifying that creating a flexible work culture can be rewarding – for employer and employee alike.

Facts in a Flash

Industry Industry: Accommodation/F&B Service Activities

Employment size Employment size: Above 700

Employment profile Employment profile: Operations, front-line service staff, restaurant managers

Employment profile Featured work-life programmes:

Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Part-time work
  • Flexible hours
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Flexibility as a Recruitment Strategy

In response to the declining labour pool for restaurant workers, the Jumbo Group of Restaurants (Jumbo Group) first offered flexible work options to its staff in 2010. A variety of flexible work arrangements (FWAs) have since been made available for operations and service staff. Fine-tuning of work hours and careful job redesign, has also enabled the restaurant to tap on lesser-used labour sources such as back-to-work mothers and older workers.

The management at the Jumbo Group believes that flexible work options need to be fluid and tailored to the individual. The organisation’s commitment towards providing flexible work options for all employees can also be seen in its HR policies. Full-time employees are encouraged to convert to a part-time work option rather than resigning to meet their family obligations. Restaurant managers are regularly briefed by HR on the benefits of FWAs and trained to explain the flexible work options to potential employees during job interviews. Managers gather monthly feedback on existing flexibility options from their teams and suggest refinements to current policies. These actions have led to an increased take-up rate for part-time working options among new hires.

To support the successful FWAs, HR and the management also reviewed compensation and benefits, ensuring fairness and equity for their flexible workforce.

Promising Outcomes

The management at Jumbo has successfully incorporated flexibility into their organisational culture, thus attracting and retaining quality employees, demonstrating the long-term business benefits of a flexible work culture.

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