Han's (F&B) Private Limited

​​​​​​​​Han's taps on a wide pool of talent from diverse backgrounds to meet the company's manpower needs. The effective use of technology has been ​a significant driver of Han's work-life success as Han's believes that time spent at work should be meaningful, efficient and productive.

Facts in a Flash

Industry Industry: Accommodation/F&B Service Activities

Employment size Employment size: Above 400

Employment profile  Employment profile: ​The majority of front-line (servers) and kitchen staff come from diverse backgrounds such as mature  workers, back-to-work individuals and individuals with special needs

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Han's Work-Life Strategy – Investing in Technology, Empowering Employees

The effective use of technology is a significant driver of Han's (F&B) Private Limited (Han's) work-life success. Han's work-life philosophy is founded on the belief that time spent at work should be meaningful, efficient and productive, freeing employees to spend more time pursuing personal goals.

Since 2007, Han's has gradually rolled out various tech-related initiatives to achieve their goal of optimal employee efficiency to enhance the company's work-life environment. While these technological advancements have required a significant financial investment, the tangible results have affirmed the gains of taking the high-tech route.

Han's overcame the initial resistance of their tech-related initiatives by sharing their long term plans with all employees. Staff were informed of the new initiatives three years prior to the start of implementation, giving them ample time to provide feedback on the plans as well as be equipped with the necessary skills.

Various 'soft' measures were also implemented to complement the updated IT infrastructure through computer literacy courses and one-on-one training. Importantly, the company conducts staff induction for new employees, introducing them to Han's work-life philosophy as well as the various flexible options available to them.

Promising Outcomes

Han's has experienced positive returns on these initiatives. Absenteeism and industrial accidents have reduced while customer satisfaction, employee engagement and productivity have increased. Han's strategy of utilising technology to increase productivity has enabled the company to create a sustainable work-life environment for the employees, which has in turn, given organisational growth a significant boost.

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