Chatters @ Silver Spring

​​​​Silver Spring focuses on career coaching and recruitment of seniors and caregivers back to the workforce. It was also established as an integrated resource platform to tap on the knowledge expertise of seniors, generate employment and spark their entrepreneurial spirit.

As part of this platform, Chatters café was established to offer mature workers a chance to earn an income while meaningfully interacting with others.

Facts in a Flash

Industry Industry: Accommodation/F&B Service Activities

Employment size Employment size: Above 10

Employment profile Employment profile: Front-line staff, mainly mature employees

Employment profile Featured work-life programmes:

Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Autonomy to choose shifts
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Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) – An effective retention tool

Chatter’s FWAs have proven to be an effective tool in drawing mature talent back into the workforce. Employees at Chatters work rotating shifts and are given the autonomy to choose their preferred shifts. The management is sensitive to the needs of their mature staff and accommodates requests from those with caregiving duties or health issues that need attention.

Comprehensive On-the-Job Training for new employees are conducted and this helps mature workers to gradually acclimatise to their work environment and learn new processes and skills.

Regular and transparent communication is a vital component of the positive flexible work culture at Chatters. The management provides various feedback channels for employees to improve on the operational processes and encourage them to highlight challenges faced and even suggest possible solutions.

Promising Outcomes

The positive flexible work culture translates into greater responsibility and pride in Chatters employees’ work. The founder of Silver Spring notes the lower likelihood of these mature workers taking unwarranted medical leave, and their sense of responsibility when they even arrive earlier at work before their shift to ensure smooth handover.

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