​What can a Work-Life Consultant do for you?

A Work-Life Consultant provides the following services: 
  • Assistance and advice on work-life issues
  • Expert advice on talent management
  • Creative ideas and long-term solutions to help employees balance their responsibilities at home and at the workplace 
  • Recommendations on creating and putting in place work-life strategies catered specifically to your organisational needs
  • Advice on how you can help your employees navigate life beyond the workplace

Hired on a contractual or long-term basis, Work-Life Consultants will work with you to promote a supportive and enabling work environment to increase productivity and performance.

Work-Life Consultants can help in the following areas:  

  • Establish the business case by
    • Profiling employee demographics
    • Reviewing existing work-life programmes

  • Performing a gap analysis through
    • Conducting a needs assessment process and gathering findings
    • Analysing work-life needs

  • ​Provide recommendations for implementations by
    • Proposing flexible work options
    • Proposing leave schemes
    • Proposing health and wellness programmes
    • Conducting preliminary cost-benefit analysis
    • Developing implementation plans
    • Developing communication plans


How can you engage a Work-Life Consultant? 

Click here for the list of approved Work-Life Grant Consultants providing work-life consultancy services under the WorkPro Work-Life Grant. Visit the Ministry of Manpower website for more details.

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